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Best Tinder Bios

Updated: Sep 3, 2019

Tinder profiles that work
The aim of the game

Do you want to write the best Tinder bio but don't know where to start?

A stand out Tinder profile is key to getting those elusive swipe rights, and even better, dates!

But "WAIT!" I hear you say. I'm not a comedian. I'm not an author. Hell, I can barely spell my own name.

How do I put the REAL me in to words? How do I make my Tinder profile stand out from the crowd?

Before you get disheartened, let's explore the comedy genius that is your competition. These examples should give you plenty of confidence in your pursuit of right-swiping hotties.

To be clear, this is an absolute list of DONT'S on Tinder:

The Gym Selfie

Tinder gym selfie
The infamous gym selfie

Why? Why? WHY?

Who started this trend? Who thought it was a good idea in the first place?

Even more surprisingly how did it catch on???

Did Tinder offer a prize for the best ever gym selfie and we didn't get the memo?

We're not (most of us at least) a species of gorillas competing for female attention by swinging from trees and handing out free bananas.

Flex your brain, not your biceps.

We're not cavemen anymore. Women are attracted to more than just brawn.

They want Brains. Humor. Quirkiness. Confidence. Success. Display these qualities in your Tinder profile and your Tinder notifications will light up like Rudolph at Christmas.

Show off your six pack in the men's locker room and its more likely you'll find better success on Grindr.

And if you think that this pre-historic ape man is uncommon, you're sadly mistaken. In fact, it was the first profile that appeared on Tinder when we were writing this article.



Now, let's talk about the right way to show off your pecs on Tinder.

As we always say, the best Tinder profiles show don't tell.

How can we explain this? The following Tinder profile does a far better job than any words could explain.

The best tinder pictures
Swipe right alert

The Big Fish

Tinder profiles gone wrong
Its not so big. But still a no no.

Even more confusing than the gym selfie is the trend of big fish pictures hitting the scene. Perhaps its another throwback to our hunter gatherer days. "Look what I can provide for you cave girl. Now, lets breed and teach our sons how to take the ultimate gym selfie."


For starters, fish smell.

Secondly, girls generally don't want to handle, look at or even think about a rotting carcass. The only time a girl should be looking at a photo of a fish is if you're Gordon Ramsay and you've posted a Michelin starred dinner to your profile.

And lastly, fish smell. We'll leave you with that.

The Big Tiger

Tinder pictures gone wrong
The king of the jungle. Huh?

Sticking with the theme of animal photos, we don't need to see another photo of a giant tiger, baby tiger, teenage tiger, ANY sort of tiger!

Lets go back to what women are generally looking for:

Brains. Humor. Quirkiness. Confidence. Success.

The tiger photo is not ticking any of these boxes.

All that it shows is that you don't care about an animal being locked up in a cage and medicated so much that it doesn't want to eat Mr. "I think I'm a Casanova because I've taken on a tiger and came out alive."

If you're so desperate to have a picture of an animal in your profile. Why don't you show off your actual CARE for animals with a picture like this.

Best tinder pictures
I'll trade you for a big fish

Why? Because everyone loves puppies. And this is a Tinder conversation starter if there ever was one!

The Player

Worst tinder pictures
What every girl dreams about

Stop with "The Game" psychology attempts.

You're not Neil Strauss.

Even if you are, those games stopped working in the nineties.

Its obvious what you're trying to do and it won't fly.

Are you attracted to women surrounded by hot guys? Does it make you think "OMG I finally found my soul mate!"?


This won't work for you either.

Do not add pictures to your Tinder profile of you with:

- Ex girlfriends

- Girls posing with you to make you look good

- Photos where it's obvious a female has been cut out of the picture

Do you want to show off your feminine side? Or display your confidence with women? Or demonstrate your comfort with the opposite sex?

A nice photo with a group, including both men and women is the best way to go. Its called friends. And yes, the hotter the girls in this instance, the better!

Pictures, Pictures, Pictures

Terrible Tinder pictures
What was the aim here?

A picture speaks a thousand words. A bad picture speaks only two.

Swipe left.

Read our guide on how to take the perfect profile pictures

Ask for help from friends.

Ask for opinions from the opposite sex.

Studies show that 90% of success in online dating comes from your profile pictures alone. This is your first and most important opportunity to stand out on Tinder.

It is THE most important part of your Tinder bio.

Mrs. Negative

What not to say in a Tinder profile
Considering this lady's high demands you would think she would at least spell ingenuity correct!

Yup. You ladies aren't off the hook. The mistakes made on Tinder are not all due to the male of the species.

Write in a positive light.

Negativity is simply not attractive.

We know you've had a bad experience so far. We know that not all men are great. We know you want more than a "Hey" message. And finally, we know you don't want to see another damn gym selfie.

Let's just set a rule. All of the above is pre-implied for any woman on Tinder. Guys that break the rules have got no chance. So ladies, just leave it at that and focus on the positive. Write about what you DO want, rather than what you don't.

Attract your Prince Charming, don't send him packing.

Tinder Profiles That Work

We've talked about what not to do on Tinder (we could continue on for eternity, but Wix limits blog posts to 8 million characters).

How do you make your Tinder profile great?

Right Swiped Jobs

Tinder top right swiped jobs

Are you a pilot? An entrepreneur? A firefighter?

Fortunately for you these are the top 3 right swiped jobs on Tinder.

You NEED to put this in your profile. Game changer or what?

Look through the list and see if your job is similar to those listed. If it is, word it how it's listed!

Smart Photos

Tinder smart photos

A great new feature which is under utilized is Tinder's smart photos.

It tests all of your photos based on responses to let you know which one is your best profile picture.

This is a great idea for anyone who doesn't have anyone to give them feedback.

Why rely on human feedback when you can have AI?

A quick win for everyone.

Show Don't Tell

We see this advice everywhere. But what does it really mean?

Lets go back to an earlier piece of advice to explain.

Best Tinder Photos

Who do you think wins this battle of the biceps?


Our Brazilian athlete has kindly shown us he's ripped like a spartan on steroids without telling us it.

The art of subtlety is the way to go.

The same goes for you Tinder profile.

Don't tell us your job, interests, hobbies and blah blah blah.

"I'm a successful businessman who loves to travel, swim and read Game of Thrones.

I've been to Australia, the Caribbean and hope to see much more"

Yeah - we fell asleep reading that too.

Glad you're still with us.

How do we improve this?

"Entrepreneur looking to see the world one scuba dive at a time.

When I'm not swimming with sharks I'm waiting patiently (8 years and counting) for George R.R. Martin to tell me if Jon Snow survived.

I'm looking for someone who wants to collect passport stamps, loves an adventure and promises no spoilers to GOT."

The Queen's English

The jury is out on text talk.

90% of women confirmed they prefer bad sex to bad grammar.

Use spell check. Use your dictionary. Proof read.

There. Is. No. Excuse.

The level of literacy you display in your Tinder bio is literally the only insight in your profile about how intelligent you are. And intelligence equals attraction.

Less Is More

What to write in a Tinder profile

There is no need to write a novel. We're not drafting War and Peace for the 21st century.

Keep your profile short and sweet. The goal of your Tinder profile is a swipe right, followed by a message.

Swiping right on Tinder is a split second decision. Responding to a message takes a little longer.

No one wants to have to decipher whether or not they are attracted to you by reading 500 characters squashed into one paragraph without spacing.

They want to swipe right based on a brief, but great, first impression.

Leave the detail to the date. Or the messaging.

What Next?

Does this all sound like too much work?

Don't know where to start?

Why not hire the professionals to do the heavy lifting for you?

We can write you a Tinder profile guaranteed to land you the matches you deserve.

Are you struggling to get responses to messages? Try our messaging package to help give your love life the boost it deserves.

Need help with actual dating? Our coaching packages are the way to go.

Here at Profile Pimpers, we love love, and we want you to find it.

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