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First Date Tips to Help You Find Love Online

Updated: Sep 3, 2019

First date tips

Congratulations! You’ve landed the first date. Now the nerves have set in. Here are some online dating tips to help you have a smooth date to find love online.

Dress nicely but casually

Nothing is more uncomfortable than showing up overdressed to a date.

Men, you should look like you put enough thought into the date to at least shower and pick a nice shirt, but not so much that it is obvious you’ve spent the last week obsessing over what to wear.

Women, keep hair and makeup minimal. Most men find understated beauty far more attractive than someone who looks like they just came from a photo shoot.

Meet for drinks, not dinner

Eating while trying to get to know someone is too much pressure. What if something spills? What if you’ve been talking for 20 minutes only to see a huge chunk of food in your teeth when you check the bathroom mirror?

Also, dinner is far too long of an ordeal if things aren’t clicking.

Stick to drinks and if you really hit it off, you can always move on to dinner.

Remember that a good conversation requires listening

Studies show that men dominate 75% more of a conversation than women. We constantly hear our female clients complain that they have been on dates where the man didn’t ask a single thing about her or her interests.

Set yourself apart from the crowd by asking questions and listening to her answers rather than drone on endlessly about yourself.

Keep the conversation light and fun

Avoid over sharing personal information. Don’t go into details about your ex or past relationships. Especially not in a negative light. Answer questions when they come up but don’t treat the date like a therapy session.

Less is more

If you’re hitting it off, great. Leave on a high note. Keep the other party wanting more. This is the surest way to ensure a second date.

Need more dating advice?

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