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Hinge Review

Raise your hand if you love first dates.

First date blues
Yey. Another first date.

All of that awkward banter, generic chit chat, and the “Do we hug at the end, or high five, or invite them inside, or what?” internal debate. It’s the BEST, isn’t it?

Yeah….. no.

For most people, a first date is simply an unavoidable prerequisite to a second and (hopefully) series of dates that eventually evolve into a relationship.

The developers of the dating app Hinge get it, and that’s why they’ve created the app that’s “Designed to be Deleted.”

Hinge review

What Makes Hinge Different?

For starters, Hinge aims to simplify the online dating experience while also leading to more meaningful connections. Upon downloading the app, users are encouraged to share information about themselves regarding education, religion, and lifestyle. From there, Hinge will start giving you prompts that help show off your personality.

Think of it as a little Q & A session. Easy enough, right?

Once you’ve created your profile, Hinge narrows down the field of potential mates for you using what they claim to be a “Nobel-Prize winning algorithm.” Move over, Greta Thunberg! You might be saving the planet, but Hinge is making some serious matches over here.

But all joking aside, it is nice to have someone combing through prospective mates, making informed suggestions for you. And if you’re really busy (those episodes of Stranger Things aren’t going to watch themselves…), Hinge ratchets it up a notch and even gives you one “Most Compatible” person per day.

Hinge dating app review

Perhaps the best feature of Hinge is that users are able to “like” and comment on various aspects of another person’s profile.

If something in a profile jumps out as particularly interesting or funny, users can let you know. That fab photo you took rock climbing in Sedona? Your future spouse can comment on it! Remember those prompts you responded to when you joined? Users can “like” and comment on those, too. Aren’t you glad you filled them out now?

And in case you’re worried about being overwhelmed by the number of “likes” and comments, Hinge limits non-paying members to 10 “likes” per day. Hinge developers believe that by having a limited number of “likes,” people will be more thoughtful about using them, making them more meaningful.

All of these “likes” and comments are great, but where does it go from there?

Well, if any of your “likers” or commenters piques your interest, you deem them a match, and you can start messaging one another. If you decide to meet up, Hinge will even follow up with you to find out how the date went. Hinge funnels this feedback into their fancy schmancy (Nobel-Prize winning!) algorithm which helps them know which types of people to introduce you to next time.

Should I Sign Up for Hinge?

Yes! Hinge is free to use, and there ain’t nobody that don’t like free.

Hinge app review

Now, if you’re finding that you’re really enjoying using the app, but you feel limited by only having 10 “likes” per day to dole out, or you wish there were more criteria you could establish for preferences, they do offer preferred membership packages for a nominal monthly fee.

But remember: Hinge’s slogan is “Designed to be Deleted.” So if all goes well, you’ll find your match in no time and can say sayonara to their Preferred Membership fee. And if you find your mate using their free version, well, you can take all of that money you saved and buy yourself half of one small tub of movie theater popcorn. Or maybe one quarter of a tub, anyway.

You have nothing to lose by joining Hinge and everything to gain.

What's the success rate on Hinge?

According to Hinge’s website, Hinge was the number one mentioned app in the New York Times’ “Weddings” section in 2017.

Number 1 in the New York Times!

Hinge dating app success rates

Those are some classy folks listing their marriage announcements in the NYT, people.

But regardless of whether you “summer” in the Hamptons or in Des Moines, there is someone out there for you, and Hinge is committed to helping you find that person.

Does this still seem like too much effort for you?

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