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Online Dating Tips - Messaging

Updated: Sep 3, 2019

Online dating opening messages

This one is for the men. Most women are fielding many texts from many different men.

Don’t just text “Hey”

Most women have twice as many matches as you do and very attractive ones have an inbox full of “Hey”s.

Write something that will set you apart from the crowd.

Read her profile, that’s right actually READ it, and write something that shows that you paid attention to more than her looks.

For instance, if she’s into travel, ask her what her favorite place she’s been to is.

Maybe she didn’t write a lot of info in her profile but you see that she has pics of her doing certain activities. Say, snowboarding. Ask her about that. Say “I notice you have a picture of you snowboarding. I love to snowboard! Where do you usually go?”

Asking pertinent questions begin a conversation.

“Hey” in a sea of “Hey”s will usually just be ignored.

Don’t send sexually aggressive texts.

Women do not find this sexy or interesting. They find it scary and a clear sign that you might be a stalker.

Sending a girl a text about the sexual things you want to do to them is a total turn off and will most likely get you kicked off the dating site.

Be funny and lightly flirtatious

Write to impress and stand out from the crowd.

Again, women get many more matches than most men so the more witty you are, the more likely you will keep her engaged.

Find our what she likes

Most men just tend to talk about themselves and most women are used to just listening to the point of boredom and then they disappear.

By showing your interest in who she is as a person, you will keep her interest in you.

Stay positive

Don’t complain about the evils of Tinder or your ex or your horrible last date.

Keep the conversation positive. No one wants to talk to a negative person, much less date one.

Don’t wait too long to ask for the date!

Again, when a woman is juggling an inbox full of messages, your best bet is to get in face time as soon you build a rapport that leaves you both feeling comfortable. Waiting too long will lead you back to the tinder trenches.

Ladies- can you think of anything else to add to the list? And do you have any questions regarding texting that I didn’t cover? Please comment below.

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