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POF Review - Are There Really Plenty Of Fish?

Updated: Sep 3, 2019

Thinking about joining Plenty Of Fish?

Our POF review will tell if you'll find a menu full of options or simply find yourself catching a whale.

POF review

Pros of POF

First of all, its free. Many dating sites, such as Match, Eharmony and Zoosk allow you to register but then have huge restrictions on the activity you can do on their dating websites.

Plenty of Fish is different. They do offer the ability to become an "Upgraded POF Member" but it's not necessary to sign up to access most features.

Your free membership allows you to have:

- Unlimited searches

- Unlimited messages

- View profiles

Second, it is still one of the largest dating websites in the world. That means there is a lot of choice (and also a lot of competition).

This is especially great when you live in a small town/rural area. Sometimes the pool of users in these places is limited, therefore POF will give you more choice than most other dating sites.

In 2015 Plenty Of Fish had over 100 million users. It's a pretty big ocean.

Finally, its easy to set up. You can have your profile online and be messaging potential dates in minutes.

Cons of POF

Does POF sound too good to be true?

Unfortunately there are many downsides to Plenty Of Fish.

The free price and ease of set up means that there are a significant number of fake accounts.

There are also many users who are no longer active, however, they will still come up in your searches.

And as mentioned above: Competition. Competition. Competition.

Statistics show that POF is one of the most difficult dating sites to get a response on. Women literally receive hundreds of messages per day. You could have the best profile ever, with the funniest ice breaker, but it will get lost in an endless stream of emails.

Be prepared to invest significant time in order to find someone who is truly a match for you.

Are you struggling to get dates on POF? Read our POF tips below to significantly improve your POF dating game.


POF is a great intro to online dating and many people get lucky on their first try.

It works better in certain areas, where the ratio of men to women is different than in large cities.

Finally, the age rage is broad. Whether you're 18 or 81, POF could work for you.

We recommend giving POF a try at the same time as another more serious dating site, such as EHarmony, to see which is the best fit for you.

How to Improve Your Plenty Of Fish Performance

Improve your Plenty Of Fish profile

So, you're sticking with POF. It's free, easy to use and there's a huge amount of potential dates on there. But how do you stand out from the crowd?

POF Upgraded Member

For $9.99 per month, you can become an upgraded member on Plenty Of Fish which has some significant advantages:

- See if your messages were read or deleted

- Show up first on Meet Me

- Stand out in all searches (your profile will be highlighted)

- Find out the date and time someone viewed your profile

According to Plenty Of Fish, you will see a huge increase in the number of messages you receive and the number of people viewing your profile will triple.

All of this adds up to money well spent.

Focus Your Efforts

Once you have upgraded, start messaging people who have 'liked' your photos. You should have already seen a significant increase in this. Now get your moneys worth.

Studies have shown that women who have already liked something on your profile are 80% more likely to respond to your message. Struggling with what to say? Check out our guide to Online Dating Messages to get the ball rolling.

Still don't know what to say? We have an Online Dating Messaging package guaranteed to get you a date, never mind just a response.

You should definitely make use of the Advanced Search features. This will allow you to identify people with similar interests to you, meaning you are more likely to be compatible, and therefore get a response.

POF Headline and Username

The Plenty Of Fish username and headline is the first thing people see in the search window as well as when you message them.

This is your first opportunity to stand out and impress.

Do NOT copy and paste a username and headline from one of the many dating blogs out there. We frequently see dating coaches/experts advising people to do this.

Don't listen to them!

All you are doing is making it obvious you have copied and pasted someone else's idea.

Everybody does this. If you truly want to find a serious relationship, be yourself. Don't be someone else.

POF Profile and Picture Selection

We have written numerous articles about how to write an online dating profile and choose your profile pictures

In addition, some POF profile tips are:

- Plenty Of Fish profiles are generally shorter than some of the more serious dating websites. Be witty, brief and intriguing. Try to drop hints that leave your potential date wanting to know more.

- Spellcheck and grammar review. Poor spelling leads to poor results. No skimming here.

- Be positive. There is nothing worse than a profile that lists everything someone doesn't want or like. Or one that mentions a negative past relationship. Instant turn offs.

- Don't go overboard on the pictures. POF allows up to 8 profile pictures, and 16 if you become an Upgraded member. This doesn't mean you should use them all. Again, be intriguing! Don't give too much away too soon. Leave that for a conversation, or better yet, your first date.

Ask For Help

Does this sound like too much effort? Profile Pimpers offer various packages to take the hard work out of online dating, which allows you to focus on the fun stuff.

We can:

- Write your headline and profile

- Help you with POF opening messages and responses

- Choose your best pictures, and even professionally edit them.

- Have dating coaching sessions, leading to improved confidence and better dating success.

We are confident in saying we are different than all other online dating profile writing services.

We treat every client the way they should be treated. Every client of ours is a UNIQUE client.

Our profiles are tailor made to show your personality.

We write to display the best version of the real you.

We truly believe this is the best way to find a long lasting relationship. We don't copy and paste profiles, or messages. Every client's profile is crafted just for them.

Our results speak for themselves.

Are you looking to find love online? Contact us today to see how we can help you achieve your dreams.

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