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Tinder Conversation Starters

Updated: Sep 3, 2019

Are you struggling to think of a Tinder conversation starter?

Do you constantly send messages on Tinder but get zero responses?

Are you tired of hearing crickets online?

This is a common theme for many men out there. There is so much competition on Tinder. To stand out from the crowd, you need Tinder openers that place you at the front of the pack.

Here are some Tinder tips to help you get the replies you dream of from your tinder matches.

1) Be Unique

Tinder conversation openers
Date by 2nd message. That's a record!

There are so many blog posts out there describing the perfect Tinder opener that is guaranteed to get you replies.

Unfortunately, every other guy also has access to these blog posts.

So guess what? They are sending the same messages you are.

This immediately demonstrates to your match that you are not funny or original. You lack the brain power to come up with a simple tinder conversation starter all on your own.

She's most likely regretting swiping right before she finishes reading your cookie cutter message.

Quality over quantity is the way to go.

DON'T copy and paste a message and send it to 100 girls. Your success rate on even getting a response will be slim to none. The time it took you to get all these matches, all the swiping right, all that effort, is completely wasted when you send a lame opening message.

Why not send a thoughtful message to 10 girls? You're far more likely to get a reply if you tailor a message specifically for each match.

And then?

You're far more likely to get a date.

A simple process to follow:

1) Review her profile in detail. Pick one interesting aspect about her (even better if its an interest you have in common).

2) Write a witty opener about this detail. Making her laugh almost always guarantees a response.

3) End with a question that leads the conversation where you want it to go.

4) Even better if you can do all of the above in one line.

In the example above, the Tinder profile described "I love food and even more so a good sauce to go with it."

We simply asked "What are your thoughts on gravy" and two messages later had secured a date.

Simple but effective!

2) Drop the "Hey"

Don't say "Hey" on tinder

"Hey" is the most popular tinder opener on planet earth. It's also the most ignored message in the universe.

Studies show that approximately 75% of tinder conversations started with "Hey."

They also show that this opening message has only a 10% reply rate.

That means 90% of "Hey" messages are ignored.

Stop being boring and make the effort to come up with an actual conversation starter.

3) Keep It Short And Sweet

Tinder icebreakers that work
Not sure what the pan reference is?

You don't need to write a novel to get a reply.

Tinder icebreakers need to pop. That means, one to two sentences max. Keep it short and snappy.

When she replies with a few extra paragraphs, its time to roll out the conversation. Until then, keep it brief and to the point.

4) Emojis

Tinder openers that don't work
Guess she wanted more maturity than a five year old can offer

Don't go overboard with emojis.

Use a maximum of two per message. You're not in kindergarten anymore.

5) Talk About Travel

Everyone loves to travel. And if you are able to subtly show off how many passport stamps you have while messaging, you will instantly become more attractive.

Most people say they enjoy traveling in their Tinder profile. It's a pretty generic cliche. Talk about travel in a unique way that creates intrigue.

6) Spellcheck And Grammar

Tinder messages that work
No one is going to reply to this one.

Yes we say this in every blog post. Why? Because it is extremely important.

Poor spelling demonstrates low IQ. And Forrest Gump wasn't exactly inundated with Tinder matches.

Women are attracted to intelligence. Don't use text language. Show them you're intelligent with a well written message.

7) Timing Is Everything

Tinder active users timing

Nielson have provided user statistics showing that most users are active during the evening.

Why not increase your changes of a reply when messaging when they are more likely to be active? In case you struggle with graphs, that's 9pm on Tinder.


Our nice friends at Buzzfeed have revealed that messages sent with GIFS are 30% more likely to get a response. They also lead to conversations that last twice as long.

Once again. Be UNIQUE. GIFS are an easy way to send a funny, opening icebreaker on Tinder. Look through her profile and see if anything pops out. Then search through the GIFS for something relating to her profile.

Here is the most responded to GIF on Tinder today:

8) Hire The Professionals

Does this sound like too much work?

We know it isn't easy to come up with multiple unique and funny opening messages. After all, not everyone is a professional dating profile writer.

We offer packages of 10 messages that are guaranteed to get you better results.

These aren't messages you just copy and paste. We tailor them specifically to your matches. Not only will this improve your responses, it helps by coaching you on how to write online dating messages.

What are the important points to look out for? What style should you write in? How can you be funny?

By watching us land you dates, you will learn you will learn what kind of messages work.

We don't limit this to just Tinder conversation starters. We provide follow up messages so you can see how to keep the conversation going and when to ask for a date.

Need more help? Check out our VIP package to see how our dating coach can seriously improve your love life.

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