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Tinder or Bumble

Updated: Sep 3, 2019

Should you use Tinder or Bumble?

In a world of multiple dating apps, free and paid dating websites, and a host of options in between, it's difficult to choose which platform is best for you.

After all, people barely have the time to use apps, never mind actually read reviews of them, decide the pro's and con's of each, evaluate them and then actually learn how to master them!

Fortunately your friends at Profile Pimpers have pulled all the information you'll ever need into this handy little blog.

What Are Tinder and Bumble?

Tinder or Bumble

First things first. What are these apps that everyone is talking about?

How did "swipe right" end up being a term more commonly used than "Did you say yes?"

In summary, Tinder is the app that revolutionized the online dating (and real life dating) game by normalizing online dating to the point that its become the most popular way to meet people.

Simply log in, put up your pictures and away you go. Swipe left or right. It becomes rather addictive at first.

Unfortunately it led to a multitude of men with the ability to hide behind their phone screen, sending a plethora of obscene pictures and messages to unsuspecting women, who simply thought they'd swiped right to Price Charming.

Enter Bumble.

Bumble places the power in the woman's hands. Once you match, the female must message the male first, otherwise he's left in limbo. He receive's a message, he's able to reply. Simple.

To Message First or Not

Is Tinder better than bumble

Which app is right for you?

On one hand, many women enjoy the society norm that men make the first move. They feel that it's weird for them to approach guys in real life, so why do it online?

On the other hand, many women feel harassed by the endless (and thoughtless) "hey" messages they receive. They're tired of the unwarranted gym selfies (and worse).

The worst tinder pictures

They want to control who is able to message them.

The same goes for men. Some men are tired of the chase and the onus being on them to make the first move. It's hard work to come up with that witty, eye catching opening line. to write that first message that will rock her world.

The answer is simple. Use whichever style suits you best. And better yet, when you get tired of one, switch to the other!

Both apps are excellent. Tinder and Bumble are both free, easy to use, simple to set up, and get you online and swiping in seconds.

Why limit yourself to only one app when you can have two?

How Do I Get More Matches?

How to get more matches

This is where it gets interesting. The easy part is getting up and running. Whether it's Tinder or Bumble, the name of the game is dates, not just matches.

There are three key aspects to landing a date on either Tinder or Bumble.

Profile Pictures

Online dating profile pictures
This picture says I'm fit, happy, and adventurous without the need for words.

A picture speaks a thousand words. What are your photos saying about you?

99% of our clients lack quality photos, yet wonder why they aren't getting matches. On these two apps especially, quality photos are EVERYTHING.

There are many lifestyle photographers out there who have stepped into the online dating field due to the growing demand for quality profile photos. If you can't afford to hire one, ask a friend or family member to take some photos for you.

You can find examples of what types of photos to take here and here.

Tinder and Bumble Profiles

Dating profile tips
If you printed out your profile, would it look like this?

Short and sweet vs War and Peace?

The truth is, you want to fall somewhere in the middle.

If you write a profile that is too short and generic, potential matches might skip you because it looks like you aren't very invested.

If you write too much, however, it can be TMI and possibly off-putting. Leave some details for the date!

Ideally, your profile will share enough about you to spark interest, and not too much to be overwhelming.

Things to avoid:

1) Writing anything negative. Write about what you are looking for rather than what you aren't looking for.

2) Being generic. Everyone likes food, travel, sunsets, etc. Be specific. Be unique.

3) Being too honest. Don't list your flaws. Put your best face forward. Remember, this is about creating a stellar first impression.

Online Dating Messages

Tinder and bumble message tips
The fastest way to lose her attention? A "hey" message.

Whether you are a guy or a girl, that first message counts!


- Write some form of "hey" and expect a reply.

- Send some cheesy copy/paste multiple choice question opener.

- Be rude, aggressive or overly sexual when you don't get a response. Just move on.


- Read their profile and create a unique message that directly relates to one of their interests.

- Create a message that will make them smile, perhaps even laugh.

- Realize that everyone is on the app at their own pace. Don't push if you don't hear back right away. Give it time.

Hire an Online Dating Profile Writer

Online dating profile writers
Overwhelmed? Let a professional profile writer do the work for you.

Does this sound like too much work?

Why not hire professionals to do the heavy lifting for you? We can write you a Tinder profile guaranteed to land you the matches you deserve.

Are you struggling to get responses to messages? Try our messaging package to help give your love life the boost it deserves.

Need help with actual dating? Our coaching packages are the way to go.

Here at Profile Pimpers, we are here to help you get the matches you've always dreamed of.

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