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The Best Pictures For Tinder

Updated: Sep 3, 2019

The best pictures for Tinder
Swipe right now ;)

The best Tinder profile pictures guarantee your phone will light up like a Christmas tree. Read on to see how you can make your Tinder matches go through the roof.

Pictures Are Everything

Tinder photos are EVERYTHING!!!!

We cannot express enough how many decent to great looking men and women upload crappy photos and then wonder why they are getting no matches.

You MUST have great photos!!!

Your main photo should be a clear, well lit close up of your face. This should be your best face photo to lead someone to either swipe right or open your profile.

The End of Gym Selfies

The gym selfie

Your second Tinder photo should be a full body photo of you (not a gym selfie!).

Guys, if you want to go shirtless, it should look/feel like a candid artistic shot. NEVER a gym selfie.

Women this is a great time for a great beach pic in a bikini, just make sure it looks candid and not posed. For women and men who want to keep their clothes on, wear something fitted and flattering to your figure.

Basically, whoever is swiping needs to immediately see that you’re in decent shape. You can do this however you want to do this appropriately. Examples would be a beach photo, sport photo, outdoors shot, etc.

Jazz It Up

Dressy Tinder Picture
Hello Mr Bond

Third, have a more professional/formal dress photo. Make sure you look well dressed and classy, and that it has lighting and angles that flatter you.

This photo shows off your personal style, that you clean up nicely and that you go to cool events/dinners/shows.

Show Your Fun Side

Your fourth photo can be a more a goofy one of you, with or without friends, doing something silly.

This photo shows that you don’t take yourself too seriously and you like to have fun.


A sporty Tinder pic

Your fifth Tinder photo should be some kind of action shot (playing a sport, surfing, hiking, etc)

This photo shows that you are athletic, involved in social activities and are in shape.

This does not mean a picture of you holding a fish. STOP posting pictures of you holding a fish!

Everyone Loves Puppies

The best tinder pictures

This last one is especially for men, but works for women too: If you have a dog, have a photo of you and your dog. Women LOVE animal lovers.

You can mix these up a bit and see how that affects your results, however, your first Tinder shot needs to be the money shot. You need to gain interest right away.

Think about what the deeper meaning of what each picture conveys. What’s the purpose of that photo? What is it telling someone? What attractive traits of yours does the photo show?

Finally, just in case I haven’t made this clear, your photos MATTER these sites. Good, clear and thoughtful photos will make a world of difference.

We cannot tell you how many decent looking and interesting men and women have reached out to us with awful photos, and they are wondering why they don’t get matches.

Photos are THE ONLY THING a potential match has to go on. The written part of your Tinder profile is not going to save you if you look like crap in your photos. We have had to explain this so often to so many clients, that we have now written three blogs on the topic. This should be a no-brainer!


The next time you’re doing something interesting, or having a great hair day, have a friend snap a couple of good pictures of you.

If you want to go the extra mile, there are plenty of affordable lifestyle photographers out there who can take some great photos for you. Just be sure to have at least 3 different locations and outfit changes.

Then watch the matches roll in.

Need More Help?

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