Writing the Perfect Profile

Updated: Sep 3, 2019

Writing the perfect profile

More than 20% of marriages in America start online. If you’ve been struggling wrap your head around online dating, this article is for you. Here are 10 tips to writing a profile that pops online.

Keep it simple

A profile written for E-harmony, or OK Cupid should be 300 words max. A profile written for Tinder, Plenty of Fish, or any other mobile app should be 2-3 sentences. Less than that will make you look like a serial player and more than that is basically a novel. Leave something to talk about on the date!

Like a movie trailer, your profile should capture your unique qualities, the essence of who you are, in a short story.

Keep it positive

Write about what you enjoy, what interests you and what you are looking for. Refrain from writing out a list of your don’ts and refrain from being too extreme in your requirements.

If you feel the need to be very specific about who you would like to date, write it in a positive rather than negative tone.

For example, avoid: “Don’t contact me if you a vegan yoga teacher who is also financially independent and can meditate for at least three hours a day.

These types of profiles are a red flag to any potential match. They make you appear far too picky and difficult to please. All they’re going to read is “not for me”.

Instead, try: I’m looking for someone who is physically fit, active and loves yoga, meditation, and a vegan lifestyle as much as I do.

Keep it real

Be honest. Don’t lie about your age, your availability to date, or physical attributes just to score a date. When you show up, your untruths will be glaringly obvious and your date will be running for the exit.

Write something catchy and unique about yourself

What are your best character traits? What are you passionate about? What makes you YOU?

Imagine you’re writing your profile for your ideal match. Be fun and flirtatious with your profile so they can get a glimpse of who you are.

Your profile is your calling card. It’s all someone sees in a sea of profiles so be sure to make yours stand out while being true to yourself and honest about what you want.

Don’t say you’re looking for a relationship when you aren’t.

Say “looking for a good time” or “looking for someone to have fun with”. That is a very clear message that will attract the type of connection you want.

Likewise, if you want to be married and have kids by the end of this calendar year, you probably might want to at least mention that you are looking for a relationship.

A picture speaks a thousand words

The magic number of photos is three to five. Less than that makes it look like you’re hiding something, more than that looks like you’re too full of yourself. For more tips on selecting the perfect profile pics, click here.

Check your spelling and grammar!

Nothing is a bigger turn off than someone who couldn’t even be bothered to turn on their spellcheck.

Have a friend read your profile

They might notice something important about yourself that you missed. It’s hard to always know what our best qualities are. Your friends can help you with that since those are the reasons they’re friends with you in the first place.

Talk about what you do

However, make it fun and interesting.

Don’t say “I am an accountant.”

Try “I work in a fast-paced office environment with an entrepreneurial spirit,” after-all, according to Tinder the top three ranked jobs for swiping right are entrepreneurs, pilots and firefighters!

Does this sound like too much effort to you?

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