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Zoosk Login Page and Tips to Triple Responses

Updated: Sep 3, 2019

The illustrious Zoosk login page can be found here:

Before you login to Zoosk, read our tips to triple your responses on Zoosk.

It's All About Your Zoosk Pictures

Zoosk login page
Reply. You know you want to ;)

If you read our other blogs you will see this theme come up so many times. We've even wrote a blog on it for you!

In summary, your profile pictures are the most important part of your profile.

First impressions count. This is your chance to stand out.

Make sure your first profile picture is your best. This is the picture that will lead the potential love of your life to look at the rest of your profile. If it's a dud, then so are you. You'll be lost in the eternity of that world wide web forever.

How do you ensure that you put your best foot forward?

Ask a friend. Preferably from the opposite sex. Or hire the professionals. Its that easy!

Before you decide to strip that shirt off, pose in the mirror and force your six pack on the rest of us, follow these simple guidelines on what NOT to do:

1) No gym selfies.

2) No selfies of any kind.

3) No Casanovas. What does this mean? No shots of you with a dozen models latched on to you like your Leonardo DiCaprio. Sorry guys, it might boost your ego but it doesn't boost your matches.

4) No gym selfies.

5) Please. No gym selfies.

Need more tips for your Zoosk profile pictures? Here's some more guidance on how to make that profile pop.

Complete your Zoosk Profile

How to improve your zoosk profile
It starts with what you do

You may have written the coolest opening dating message of all time.

She laughed out loud.

She likes your photo.

She's into you.

The she clicks your profile. Waiting. Hoping. Dreaming that this is the one profile to rule them all.

This mystery man who has dazzled her with his wit and intelligence.

And then.

An empty profile.

Who are you?

This is what your profile needs to say.

How do you write the perfect Zoosk profile? Show, don't tell.

Tinder has completed a study of the most right swiped jobs out there. Take a look. How does yours fit into one of these categories?

Do you run a local candy store? No. You're an entrepreneur.

Do you install cable for a living? No. You're an engineer.

You don't do anything like those in the list? It's time to start taking flying lessons! Or even volunteering at your local fire station. There's plenty of baby kittens to be rescued out there, and that would make a great profile picture!

Looking for other tips on how to create the perfect Zoosk profile?

Our friends at Zoosk have written this handy article.

There is so much guidance out there on how to write the perfect online dating profile. The biggest problem with that, that none of these articles seem to talk about is simple. Most people are not writers.

Our advice? Read this article to understand how to make your profile what it needs to be.

Zoosk Icebreakers

Get more zoosk responses
How many more "heys" to get a response?

Last but not least. Your opening message is crucial.

It doesn't matter how great your profile is or how handsome you look in your pictures. If you do not write an opening message that grabs her attention, it's game over. No lifelines here.

How do you create a great opening message?


We cannot stress this enough.

Do not play the numbers game.

We know, we know, this is the opposite advice of almost every dating website out there. Guess what? You come here for a reason. What you're doing is not working.

Instead of messaging 100 copy and pasted messages, write 5 thought provoking, personal messages.

You're looking for the love of your life. Choose quality, not quantity.

We offer a messaging package that guarantees to improve your response rate. The first thing every client of ours tells us is, "Wow! I get responses to 95% of my messages since I started following your advice!".

Guess what else.... great messages lead to dates!

Your random cookie cutter messages may get you 1 response in 100. Congratulations. What will your second message be?

Dare to be different. Invest time and effort. That's when you will finally see the results you've been hoping for.

Professional Dating Profile Writers

Dating profile writers

Are you still struggling to make your Zoosk profile pop?

Of course you are. You're not a pro. And who has the time? It's not that easy!

Take the next step on your dating journey. Hire the professionals to write your online dating profile. We can choose your best pictures. We can make you stand out from the crowd.

You're willing to invest in your studies. Your career. Your physique. Why not your love life?

The next step in finding your soul mate starts here.

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