Are you tired of striking out with your online dating messages?


Are things going well and then your match suddenly goes silent?


This package is for you.


We offer messaging service in packages of ten to help you land that dream date.


This package is NOT a generic batch of messages for you to simply send to anyone and everyone. We tailor each and every message to the person you want to talk to.


Simply screenshot their profile, send it to us, and we'll provide you with that killer opening message.


After this? Send us the replies you receive and we'll show you how to respond to messages in the right way so that you get yourself a date.


Here at Profile Pimpers, we want to coach you so that YOU become a dating star. This message package will help you take your dating game to the next level.


Looking for more than just messaging help?


Check out our Dating Concierge services for our complete dating profile management service.

Messaging Package