Our VIP package includes:
Personal consultation session
Profesional photo editing
Everything included in Pimp My Profile PLUS


  • As a professional dating and relationship coach, Gilly's got game and she'll teach you how to work it.


    Our VIP package includes the following:


    Personal Consultation with Gilly

    Ready to go deep? Gilly's been a professional life coach specializing in dating and relationships for the past 7 years.


    Gilly is sharp, quick, intuitive and honest. A session with her will help you discover what habits, patterns, and thought processes might be keeping your potential boo at bay.


    If you're ready to delve into honest self-examination and learn how to create a more positive dating experience, a session with Gilly is just what you need.


    Professional Photo Editing

    If needed, we will edit your top five photos so that the world can see you for the sexy beast you are and swipe right accordingly.


    Who is this package for?

    This package is for those of you who either struggle to land a date or never get past the first one.


    We want to help!


    Either Gilly or Alex will spend an entire hour with you to figure out what is and isn't working. We understand the psychology of dating and you will leave your session ready to take the dating world by storm!